Charlie Wilson is here to stay: Everyone’s favorite uncle

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In the midst of Black History Month, I wanted to take the time to celebrate one of my favorite Black R&B singers, Charlie Wilson, aka Uncle Charlie. He’s a timeless singer who constantly drops hits and never fails to get the party grooving. There’s not a song that comes on by him that doesn’t make me want to sing along or hit the two-step. He’s the ultimate love song maker.  If you’re not hip to Wilson then I’m here to put you on with five of my favorite songs by him.

“My Girl is a Dime” (2010 album: Just Charlie). 

This song is perfect to play for your special someone. I personally prefer to sing it to them, but playing it will surely get the job done. If you want them to know that you love them with all your heart, then this song is perfect. All of your strong feelings are put into one beautiful song. If she’s ever questioning how you feel about her, this is your answer.

“Life Of The Party” (2010 album: Just Charlie).

This one is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a backyard staple that absolutely has to be in your get-together playlist. Wilson’s smooth vocals bring all the good positive vibes on this track. Having this on will immediately get your spirits up. Get in the car, cut this on and go do something fun!

“Crying for you” (2010 album: Just Charlie).

This song is beautiful and will set you straight when you mess up. When you get in an argument and you’re missing her, put this on. It will make you go make amends right away. No need to be away from what makes you happy and drives your heart crazy. In this track, Wilson will tell you to not give up and go show her just how much you love her.

“There Goes My Baby” (2009 album: Uncle Charlie).

Wilson does his best to make you cherish what you have with this one. This song truly lets you know that you have the best woman in the world and she can’t be replaced. If you’re wondering if you’re with ‘the one,’ play this song, take a look at her, and see how you feel because Wilson’s trying to let you know you have a queen on your hands!

“Charlie, Last Name Wilson” (2005 album: Charlie, Last Name Wilson).

This is by far one of the smoothest songs Wilson has ever made. The perfect song for when you’re out on a date and you want to set the mood. The hook is very contagious and will have you singing along on the spot.

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