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UNT BSU Celebrates Black Excellence

There are over 400 student-led organizations at the University of North Texas, but the UNT Black Student Union, serves a tailored purpose to create an empowering community amongst black students on campus. For a week-long Black History Month celebration, Feb. 20 through Feb. 25, UNT BSU hosted a B.E.T. themed celebration for Black Excellence. This

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106 & Hair: Hair and Fashion Show

Lights! Camera! Action! I see fashion everywhere as I step into the ballroom where the tabling event showcasing student-run businesses and art is located. When I walked into the room, people were setting their tables and the smell of perfume brushed past my face. I saw hair businesses that specialized in braids, financial corporations, and

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Be The Love You Want Album Review

On August 27,2021, the world was blessed with the third album of the band Southern Avenue, an LP titled Be The Love You Want. Like its predecessors, self-titled debut album Southern Avenue (2019) and sophomore album Keep On (2017), the third installment is a brilliant compilation of the sounds of Memphis blues/roots, r&b, gospel-infused soul

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