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106 & Hair: Hair and Fashion Show

Lights! Camera! Action! I see fashion everywhere as I step into the ballroom where the tabling event showcasing student-run businesses and art is located. When I walked into the room, people were setting their tables and the smell of perfume brushed past my face. I saw hair businesses that specialized in braids, financial corporations, and

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It’s time to put an end to natural hair discrimination in the workplace

Black women fighting for their rights to wear their natural hair in the workplace is a constant battle. Black women with natural hairstyles were given lower scores in professionalism and capability, according to a study conducted by Duke University in 2020. Duke also conducted an experiment where candidates had to decide if Black women with

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Society Needs To Be More Accepting of People’s Bodies

Rihanna recently released her 3rd annual fashion show on Amazon Prime and it was nothing short of amazing. She has always promoted inclusivity within her brand, highlighting many different races and genders, and it’s one of the reasons I will never stop loving her. While it is beautiful to see how she embraces people for

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