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Society Needs To Be More Accepting of People’s Bodies

Rihanna recently released her 3rd annual fashion show on Amazon Prime and it was nothing short of amazing. She has always promoted inclusivity within her brand, highlighting many different races and genders, and it’s one of the reasons I will never stop loving her. While it is beautiful to see how she embraces people for

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Berhana delivers a captivating performance at U Street Music Hall

Berhana’s Saturday, Nov. 30 performance at U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C. was seasoned with musical expertise and excitement. The 27-year-old Atlanta-native’s very first show had been in D.C., and he expressed to the audience that he was glad to be back.  With outstanding openings from The Experience, a D.C. based rapper, and Canadian

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The entertainment industry has sunk its claws into consumers

More than 10 million subscribers signed up for Disney Plus on Nov. 12, the same day it was officially released. The Disney Plus mobile app also saw 3.2 million downloads within 24 hours of its release.  This new streaming service gave viewers access to classic movies they grew up watching such as Lady and the

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