Six ways to prepare for a Super Bowl watch party

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With Super Bowl 54 around the corner, preparation for the madness must begin. Some people spend all weekend stuffed on the couch watching different teams play and others might only tune in during the first weekend in February. However, anyone can take part in this non-official holiday. For those rookies who tune in once a year and want to be prepared, this is for you. Here are six ways to prepare for a Super Bowl watch party.

  1. Pick the party details

First and foremost, you should probably come up with what type of party you want to host and the details. This might seem easy but it’s one of the things that all guests should have information on as soon as possible. Decide if you want everyone to pitch in for catered food or if you want to have a potluck. Do you want it to be a kid-friendly party or will it be adults only? Make sure the details are determined before planning any further.

  1. Choose a team

Since there are only two teams competing, chances are your local team might not be in the running. Sad, but true. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t choose a team to root for! You can cheer for the underdog or scroll through social media to see who your favorite influencers are rooting for. 

  1. Learn the rules

Although you might not know everything about the sport, learning the basics will help you seem like you know your stuff. It is understandable that you might be too busy stuffing your face with wings, but just in case you want to pay attention to the game, take the time to quickly learn the rules!

  1. Make a guest list and budget

You don’t have to formally make a guest list, but keeping track of how large the party will be can help create the perfect budget. Whether you have a small group of friends you want to invite or a large group of coworkers, there are plenty of ways to save while hosting a great party!

  1. Clean and organize 

Make sure your hosting site is almost spotless and completely organized before inviting guests over. This will help minimize the mess guests will make, while also making them feel comfortable. They’ll feel relaxed coming into a clean, organized place before they get themselves worked up during the game.

  1. Make great food

Whether you’ve decided to make the party a potluck or serve your own food, having delicious food is a must. Food is probably the number one thing that will bring the most people into any party so you might as well make it great. You can ask people to make their favorite dish or you can pull out the old cookbooks to find savory or sweet recipes. Score big points by having great food options!

Most importantly, have fun! This holiday is meant for family and friends to get together to have a great time. Take the weekend to kick back and enjoy the great company and food. After all, the Super Bowl only comes around once a year. Here’s to Super Bowl 54! Tune in on Sunday, Feb. 2 at 5:30 p.m. on FOX.

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